Next round starts April 5th, 2021!

Coaches/Trainers: Does this sound like you?...

  • You're TIRED of spending your entire day with 1:1 clients, trading time for money in a gym
  • You want to break free of the constant hustle to find new clients and worrying about turnover
  • You want to create an additional passive income stream to make money while you sleep (and maybe actually sleep for once…)
  • You've thought about offering an online course and/or don’t know where to start 
  • You're craving MORE impact with your skills and expertise 
  • You have started coaching online, and have big goals to grow a passive income source
  • Your schedule is constantly being dictated by others and you feel like you're living your life scheduling, rescheduling and depending on others 
  • You want accountability and support from other like minded coaches who *get it* and ensuring you stay on track, do the HW & see your dreams come to life!
  • You know theres an easier way to learn the systems and procedures to scale your business & attract more clients with LESS work
  • Something needs to shift in your business, and you are READY to invest in impacting more lives while increasing your income!
That's ME! I want to apply!

Imagine If: 

  • You created an additional revenue stream so you stop trading time for money 
  • You could create your dream online course and fill it with your exact niche client 
  • You had a consistent income source and wouldn’t have to be worrying about 1-1 clients dropping off unexpectedly 
  • You used your knowledge and expertise to help others transform without the grind
  • You no longer feel alone and confused on how to move forward with your business 
  • This investment you're about to make in yourself and your business will transform your lifestyle and give you the freedom you’ve always wanted
  • Your goals and visions come to life because you will learn strategy and organizational systems to execute them

If this sounds like a life you are craving, then 1FITBIZ is for you! 

I'm ready to learn more, Naomi!

What is included in 1FITBIZ?

Expert, hands on coaching experience in your business!

Get clarity over the course of 90 days through high touch coaching including Zoom calls 2x a week, unlimited access to a private Facebook group, messaging access to your coach

Clear homework & tasks each week 

Get clear guidance on exactly what you should be working on each week at a digestible pace. Modules/lessons & videos are all virtual and 'go at your own pace' due to everyone's busy schedules. 

Social Media Strategy and Marketing 

Learn & implement social media strategy and tools so you can use this platform to connect and be your most confident, authentic self. Grow, nurture and engage with your audience, plan social media content

Plan, execute and run a successful launch 

Learn about the difference between a product & and offer, as well as the launch strategies best practices to avoid burnout, and ensure a seamless launch of your course! 

What else will I be getting?

Half the battle of being an entrepreneur is having a strong support system. In addition to the two Zoom calls per week, you will have access to the private Facebook group 24/7 to post questions, wins, concerns and updates!

You are about to become a part of a community that wants to see you succeed! You will build your network, collaborate and connect with the rest of the 1FITBIZ crew and know that we are here for you 24/7 for accountability and support. 

Hi! I'm Naomi

I have been a personal trainer for the past 12 years. 

After 8 years grinding away in the corporate gym world, I knew I was destined for more. 

I was tired of the 5am alarms, the late nights, the clients who cancelled last minute, and simply the lack of creativity I was feeling. 

In 2017, I took the leap into entreprenuership and began running my own successful personal training business. So, with an LLC, lots of courses, workshops and coaching, I fell in love with my new way of life. 

I had never felt more freedom, passion and connection with my clients, and in 2019, hired a coach to create an online digital course so I could reach more humans and also create an additional revenue stream to my business. 

Along the way, mentoring other burnt out coaches became something I not only excelled at, but I truly LOVED. Conversation after conversation, voice memo DM's  back and forth, I was providing business advice to DOZENS of burnt out fitness professionals on how to grow, scale and systemize their business 

My passion lies in helping fitness coaches and wellness professionals create a clear path, additional income streams and moreover- a LIFE while running their business. 

I am here every step of the way to help guide you on creating your dream offering so you can continue impacting lives. 

Running a business should be FUN, 

exciting, messy and has the ability to have you see the most incredible amount of growth you've likely ever experienced.

You are about to become a confident, powerhouse of a leader who values your time, energy and cannot wait to change lives

Your hustle is about to become more than a hobby in the BEST way possible. 

How is it set up?

This is a complete 'go at your own pace' course complete with:

  • 12 clear modules to keep you on track each week, in an order to grow your course from the ground up!
  • Access to the course on KAJABI (the platform that 1FITBIZ is created on) conveniently on your smartphone 
  • Over 25 video trainings within these different modules
  • Over 25 PDF handouts for you to print & take notes on throughout
  • Resource guides to my favorite productivity tools, books, apps and hacks to make your business growth seamless
  • Two Zoom calls per week to get clarity, questions answered and continued support
  • A built in 'break week' for you to digest and implement the material so you aren't feeling overwhelmed
This sounds amazing! I want to apply!

Does using social media make you nervous? 


Learn how to use the power of social media as it was intended; to make TRUE, authentic connections. 

The wonderful thing about social media is that you can be talking to your direct client and showing them exactly how YOU can change their life. 

In 1FITBIZ, we have a whole module dedicated to social media strategy and you will learn how to confidently show up on Instagram to share your story, connect authentically with your fans and build that like, know and trust with your audience.

You got questions? I got the answers!

"But Naomi, I don't have a clue where to start and don't even have a business yet!?"


I hear you. I see you. I've BEEN there. 

I created 1FITBIZ specifically so you can: 


  • Increase your income and impact without more grinding
  • Gain freedom in your life
  • Get your online business off the ground and give you the confidence to keep growing to infinity and beyond

And listen:  If you've been doing the same thing in your current business and not producing new results, new income, or gaining new clients, it’s time to do something different. 

This course will deliver learning, growing and creating a new revenue stream all while having 24/7 support. This is THE the golden ticket you need to see your business TAKE OFF!  


I want IN!

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